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Jenny Meggs


  • Lancaster Medical School
  • FHM Mental Health Theme
Postal address:
Furness Building

Email: j.meggs@lancaster.ac.uk

Phone: +44 1524 592272

SUMMARY of research interests (100 words)

My research interests are broad and include resilience and mental health in youth and elite sport; i.e., understanding the psychophysiological mechanisms that underpin resilience and longevity in sport.

I am also interested in the psycho-physiological benefits of outdoor exercise (particulalry cold water swimming) for mental health and well-being in 'special populations' such as those with ADHD or other neurodevelopmental conditions. 


Lecturer in Sports Psychology


Lancaster Medical School

Lancaster University

1/08/2019 → present

FHM Mental Health Theme

Lancaster University

1/08/2019 → present

Research outputs

Strategies for Developing Mental Toughness in Higher Education and Measuring the Impact

Meggs, J. & Sewell, P., 17/03/2022, Innovative Approaches in Pedagogy for Higher Education Classrooms . Sengupta, E. & Blessinger, P. (eds.). Bingley: Emerald, p. 121-135 15 p. (Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning; vol. 42).

Applying Cognitive Analytic Theory to understand the abuse of athletes on Twitter

Meggs, J. & Ahmed, W., 27/11/2021, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Managing Sport and Leisure. 10 p.

The effects of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE) training on mindfulness, and flow in national competitive swimmers

Chen, M. & Meggs, J., 30/06/2021, In: Journal of Human Sport and Exercise. 16, 3, p. 517-527 11 p.

The Effect of a Brief-Mindfulness Intervention on Psychophysiological Exertion and Flow-State Among Sedentary Adults

Meggs, J. & Chen, M., 1/06/2021, In: Perceptual and Motor Skills. 128, 3, p. 1078-1090 13 p.

Validating the Essen Climate Evaluation Schema modified for people with learning disabilities in a low‐risk secure forensic setting

Barker, L., McKeown, A., Small, M. & Meggs, J., 30/04/2021, In: Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health. 31, 2, p. 143-150 8 p.

The Effects of Applied and Sport-Specific Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement Training on Mindfulness Skills, Flow, and Emotional Regulation in National Competitive Swimmers

Meggs, J. & Chen, M., 31/01/2021, In: Case studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology. 5, 1, p. 114-123 10 p.

The relationship between prenatal testosterone (2D:4D), Big 5 Personality traits and GRIT in different cultural contexts

Meggs, J. & Reed, S., 30/11/2020, In: Journal of Education and Culture Studies . 4, 4, p. 83-92 10 p.

Competitive Performance Effects of Psychological Skill Training for Youth Swimmers

Meggs, J. & Chen, M. A., 1/10/2019, In: Perceptual and Motor Skills. 126, 5, p. 886-903 18 p.

Relationships Between Flow, Mental Toughness, and Subjective Performance Perception in Various Triathletes

Meggs, J., Chen, M. A. & Koehn, S., 1/04/2019, In: Perceptual and Motor Skills. 126, 2, p. 241-252 12 p.

The organizational effect of prenatal testosterone upon gender role identity and mental toughness in female athletes

Meggs, J., Chen, M. & Mounfield, D., 1/04/2019, In: Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal. 27, 1, p. 37-44 8 p.

Mental toughness and attributions of failure in high performing male and female swimmers

Meggs, J. & Chen, M. A., 1/03/2018, In: Journal of Human Sport and Exercise. 13, 2, p. 276-284 9 p.

Examining the effect of prenatal testosterone and aggression on sporting choice and sporting longevity

Reed, S. & Meggs, J., 1/10/2017, In: Personality and Individual Differences. 116, p. 11-15 5 p.

The Cortisol Awakening Response and Resilience in Elite Swimmers

Meggs, J., Golby, J., Mallett, C. J., Gucciardi, D. F. & Polman, R. C. J., 28/10/2015, In: International Journal of Sports Medicine. 37, 2, p. 169-174 6 p.

Self-concept organisation and mental toughness in sport

Meggs, J., Ditzfeld, C. & Golby, J., 1/01/2014, In: Journal of Sports Sciences. 32, 2, p. 101-109 9 p.

Exploring the organizational effect of prenatal testosterone upon the sporting brain

Golby, J. & Meggs, J., 1/10/2011, In: Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. 10, 3, p. 445-451 7 p.


Inspiring Minds Webinar Series 5: Resilience in Elite Sports Performance

Sarah Powell (Organiser) & Jenny Meggs (Speaker)


CPD for Medical Professionals on the benefits of Physical Activity and Sport for young people with ADHD

Jenny Meggs (Speaker)

2021 → …

British Association Sport and Exercise Science (SEPAR) (External organisation)

Jenny Meggs (Chair)

2020 → …

The British Psychological Society (External organisation)

Jenny Meggs (Chair)

2014 → …


Lancaster University sports psychologist talks about the benefits of green mental health

Dr Jenny Meggs


1 Media contribution


GB Ladies American Flag Football Sport Psychology Lead

Meggs, J.

Measurement Validation

Meggs, J.

Swim England (Sport Psychology lead for the North-East and North-West regions)

Meggs, J.

Working with Parents in Sport partnership

Meggs, J.