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Justus Nam

Research student

Justus Nam


Masters of Arts Degree International Relations

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) Degree

Career Details

Faculty Lecturer in Politics & International Relations at the Pioneer International University, Nairobi.  In addition to delivering lectures, seminars and tutorials, I support and mentor students through advisory roles.

Foreign Service Officer at the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (2011-13). Worked on issues of Trade, Governance and Regional Integration.

Thesis Outline

The objective of my research will be to determine whether China’s increasing activities in Kenya – from resource extraction, investments, tourism and migration – is China engaging in neocolonialism in such regions as sub-Saharan Africa and cultivating dependency relations? Is China simply refashioning colonialism by giving it a new twist but with the motives unchanged – to secure natural resources and energy, tap new markets and export surplus capital? Is the influx of cheap goods from China driving out traditional suppliers and undermining the local economy?