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Professor Michael Hulme

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research Interests

Much of my research has primarily focussed on the emergent social role and meaning of digital technologies in everyday lives, with particular emphasis on mobile devices and new media formats.  More recently this has extended to explore implications for corporate relationships with the individual and impact on corporate structure and governance.  My current research interests focus on emerging personal and corporate interaction mediated through data interpretation and machine intelligence, the human/intelligent machine relationship and what this more broadly might mean for issues of identity, employment, corporate structures, responsibility and governance.

My work tends to have a ‘futures’ orientation with the various research programmes beeing mainly commercially funded and intended to have significant commercial relevance.

A graduate of Lancaster University Management School (M.Phil in Critical Management).  Also at Lancaster I held an Honorary Professorial Fellowship in the Faculty of Social Sciences for 10 years and was an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies.

In business I have founded and managed several highly successful technology/consultancy related companies and continue to invest in a range of ventures. I sit/sat on several Boards of companies, quoted and unquoted, in the technology, telecommunications, economic regeneration, investment management and financial service sectors.