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Sepehr Mozafarian

KTP Associate - Chemical Engineer

Sepehr Mozafarian

Department of Chemistry



Research overview

Sepehr's research projects' subjects have been mainly on energy systems analysis, process modelling and analysis using process simulating software including Aspen Plus, HYSYS, and PRO II, waste conversion and valorisation, and specifically plastic wastes valorisation.



Sepehr Mozafarian did his BSc, MSc and PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering. He has worked as a visiting lecturer and researcher in academia and on research projects in collaboration with SMEs in the UK. His career also includes several years of working as an engineer, technical office manager, and consultant in the energy industry. He is an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) and an Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (AMIChemE).

After obtaining his BSc degree and before starting his MSc, and PhD, he worked in three gas turbine and combined cycle power plant installation and commissioning projects starting his career as a project engineer and later as a technical office manager. His interest in research and also in sustainable technologies in the fields of energy and material encouraged him to pursue his education and to start working on academic-industrial research projects.

Sopher’s BSc curriculum focused on gas, refinery and petrochemical industries and he did his final project on simulating a temperature controller for a CSTR reactor using Aspen Dynamic software. He obtained his MSc from the University of Bologna in Chemical and Process Engineering with a curriculum focusing on sustainable technologies and biotechnologies for the environment and materials in 2016. His MSc research project was on the application of statistical methods for optimisation of feedstock mixture for production of biogas through anaerobic digestion of agro-industrial wastes. Which was in collaboration with a biogas producing company in Emilia Romagna in Italy and involved experimental work and application of Design of Experiment using Design-Expert software.

He started his PhD at the University of Chester under the supervision of Prof. John Brammer in 2018. His PhD was in collaboration with a UK SME and part-funded by ERDF. His PhD project was an experimental investigation and numerical calculation and Aspen Plus process modelling of plastic waste steam gasification for production of hydrogen, heat and electricity. This included design and development of a lab-scale process unit, experiments carried out on a pilot-scale unit of the involving company, and Aspen Plus process modelling and sensitivity analysis. The process analysis also included techno-economical analysis and environmental assessment of the process.

While doing his PhD at the University of Chester, as a visiting lecture he also taught process simulation using PRO II software and mathematical modelling using MATLAB to undergraduate students of engineering, physics and chemistry programmes of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

After the ERDF PhD project, he moved to Lancaster University to work as a KTP-Associate Chemical Engineer on a commercial scale-up of a process for refining plastic wastes derived wax for a Lancashire based company.