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2021 CUSPE Policy Challenges Cambridge City Council Challenge Coordination

Project: Research


The Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange (CUSPE) is an organisation run by and for early career researchers. In 2016 Cllr Ian Manning launched the Policy Challenges programme, to encourage collaboration on policy-related questions between Cambridgeshire County Council officers, elected councillors, and the best researchers in CUSPE.

During the programme, which runs yearly for six months, researchers investigate critical research questions that have been raised by senior officers and members of Cambridgeshire County Council, and provide evidence-based reports and recommendations on how to adapt policies to best deliver the Council’s strategic goals.

The programme is an excellent opportunity for researchers to experience policy-making at a local government level, and for Cambridgeshire County Council to benefit from world-class researchers investigating crucial problems.

The Policy Challenges programme is open to any CUSPE researcher based in Cambridge for the duration of the project.

Key findings

Findings will published in a report.
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