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A Scoping Framework of Support for Schools to Develop their Outdoor Learning Practices

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The aim of the project is to scope options to provide a framework of guidance and support for teachers that will allow teachers to deliver time in nature based on their confidence, skills, knowledge and their school’s and pupil’s specific needs. In undertaking this contract, our consortia will develop an approach to a framework that allows for each school to adapt delivery of time in nature to best suit their needs and outcomes. These may include work to improve pupil mental health and wellbeing, school engagement and care and concern for the environment.
We are undertaking this via multiple approaches: a review of literature; an analysis of existing support, guidelines and accreditations; the development of a conceptual framework;

Layperson's description

This project explores the support which teachers require in order to deliver outdoor learning experiences as part of their everyday practice. By reviewing existing support structures, organisations and resources, as well as consulting with teachers via surveys and focus groups, we will develop an approach to a framework which can be operationalised by Natural England as part of their future work.
Effective start/end date15/09/2330/04/24