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Animal Rights and Food Fights: The British Library

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In 2016-17, I undertook a placement at the British Library, in the department of Contemporary Politics and Public Life, working with the archive of Richard D. Ryder to explore collaborative activism in animal rights in the contemporary history of the movement. Since then, with Dr Rachel Tavernor, I have been working on curating an online exhibition of the This will be launching soon at the British Library’s Archiving Activism website. Find out more about this project on the British Library’s projects page and on the British Library’s blog.

Layperson's description

I worked in animal activist archives in the British library, curating an online exhibition on their materials.
Short titleAnimal Rights and Food Fights
Effective start/end date1/09/1631/03/17


  • Time For Geography: Food in the UK: Changing production and demand and

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  • Time for Geography: Challenges of global food supply chains

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