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Being Barbuda - Global Challenges

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This is a ground-work project to collect and centralise as much history, heritage and ecology/environment material as possible relating to the West Indian island of Barbuda (part of Antigua and Barbuda), devastated by hurricane in 2017 (Irma). It also explored the relationship between Barbuda and Antigua.

Layperson's description

It is part of a wider exploration of the individuality of different English-speaking locations in the greater Caribbean region, into the impacts of climate change, unfettered tourism, distorted and unknown heritage, loss of identity, ecological damage and external investment. Its focus is on sustainability: how can distinctive heritage and identity be preserved and how can small communities in the Caribbean Sea remain sustainable and viable?

Key findings

That the extent of historical material relating to identity of even very small islands is extensive, but inaccessible.
That the classifications within the Global Challenges categories are in this instance, not fit for purpose, in that they are based on levels of state GDP and these are neither reflective of the individual wealth of inhabitants of small islands, and rising income is produced by precisely the sorts of wealth-generation that erodes the sustainability of the islands and their inhabitants.
Effective start/end date1/10/1830/04/19