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Blue Avian Ecologies: Seabirds & Climate Change in Morecambe Bay

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This research project will explore the unique relationship between this local landscape, its seabirds, and lived experiences climate change, based on three SMART objectives:

1. Understand the importance of migratory avian life to residents, communities, and ecologies of Morecambe Bay, and how climate change is affecting local seabirds, the humans who commune with them, and relationships with the marine ecology.
2. Critically analyse the impact that ecological regeneration, such as the Eden Project, will have on local multispecies communities and their continued access to more-than-human interaction in Morecambe Bay.
3. Use birdwatching ethnographic and photographic methods to trace the changing avian ecologies of Morecambe Bay as a “left-behind” area on the brink of transformation with Eden North.

Layperson's description

Blue Avian Ecologies explore the relationship between Morecambe Bay, humans, and migrating birds, looking at how climate change is being experienced.
Short titleBlue Avian Ecologies
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/25