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Determining the palaedrainage history of the Nile River: Investigating land-ocean atmosphere inter.

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It has been proposed that Nile river hydrology is directly forced by large-scale oceanographic and climatic changes; that the river has influenced ocean anoxia and sapropel development, as well as hominid dispersal and ancient civilisations; and that its palaeodrainage has the potential to record plume and rift related tectonics. The palaeo-Nile delta sediments thus have the capacity to provide a unique archive to research these interactions. However, due to lack of sample availability, little research has been undertaken, particularly on the older delta sediments, and fundamental questions such as the time of initiation of the Nile remain unanswered. We will apply provenance techniques to BP’s Eocene-Recent Nile delta core samples to document the initiation and palaeo-discharge of the Nile. To our knowledge, these are the oldest Nile sediments available to the academic community and the first time they have been commercially released.
AcronymDetermining the palaedrainage history of the Nile River
Effective start/end date1/10/1130/09/15


  • BP International Ltd: £67,849.00

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