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Disputatious Societies: The British Caribbean, c.1600-1720

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Thousands of digital images and digitalised copies of primary sources - material and archival - relating to early British and African settlement in the Caribbean region in the seventeenth century have been collected and centralised at Lancaster University. They relate to the establishment of a British presence in the region known as the Torrid Zone,which covered, amongst others, the larger settlements of Carolina, Barbados, Jamaica, the Leeward Islands and Surinam. Centralising this material enables comparative studies in settlement. It also allows for the study of secondary migration - that is from one settlement to another, rather than primary migration from Britain, Ireland or, Africa - and offers many opportunities for doctoral and post-doctoral study on the early Americas, colonialism, or the basic bonds of human society. (Further information about financial support for postgraduate students at Lancaster is available under Funding for Postgraduate Studies.) For undergraduates, this material is available to students through a special subject option, Hist363. This research has fostered a number of successful research bids, with others in the pipeline, including the first full-scale monograph study of the region, Disputatious Societies: The Caribbean World in the Age of the Stuarts. Webpages about the research, the documents and archives consulted, research findings and publications, and essays about more general matters personal and Caribbean can be found at http://lancs.ac.uk/fass/projects/caribbean/index.htm.
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