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Fast, smooth and co-ordinated control of a dual-arm manipulator used for nuclear decommissioning

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This project will develop widely applicable control architectures for off-the-shelf robotic platforms with nonlinear actuators, which are essential to nuclear decommissioning challenges in the UK. Where the use of people in areas of significant contamination is not possible, it is often necessary to resort to the use of remote and teleoperated robotic solutions. These provide an invaluable option for the safe retrieval and disposal of contaminated materials in high-hazard legacy facilities, whilst safeguarding the environment and minimising radiation exposure to operators. The algorithms will be developed and tested on an off-the-shelf mobile BROKK robotic platform, with a particular focus on the coordinated control of its dual-arm HYDRO-LEK manipulators. These potentially have many advantages over single-arm robots because they introduce additional flexibility to, for example, generic cutting operations, whilst not risking the enormous expense of bespoke robotic design.
Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/12


  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: £82,849.00

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