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Is the Rate of Domestic Violence Decreasing or Increasing? A Re-Analysis of the British Crime Survey

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The project explored in detail changes in the rate of domestic violence over time through the Crime Survey for England and Wales. It assessed the impact of different survey methodologies and examined whether: the rate of change over time differs with alternative definitions and/or thresholds of violence; rates over time differ across different sub-groups; and whether there are correlations with changes in gender regimes, the economy, and other crime types.
This analysis of data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales found that rate of domestic violence was rising not falling. There is an increase rather than a decrease in violent crime, since the economic crisis, reversing the long-run fall. This is driven by violence committed by domestic relations and acquaintances and by violence against women.

ESRC grant number ES/K002899/1
Effective start/end date1/04/1330/09/14


  • ESRC: £163,172.00