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Participatory Research: Working and Communicating with Communities Reflecting on ‘A Cross-Cultural Working Group on “Good Culture” and Precariousness’

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Participatory research methods investigate issues through collaboration and cooperation between academics and community members. Recently, awareness of participatory research methods has increased, with the impact agenda fostering a need to engage more fully with the general public. However, participatory methods have been deployed unevenly within the Humanities and Social Sciences and opportunities for engagement have been insufficiently explored. This project seeks to enable young academics, in particular, creatively to identify, explore and take advantage of those opportunities in ways that can promote both their research careers and the interests of the communities with whom they work. Focusing first on a two-day seminar/workshop event at Lancaster University, where attendees will be introduced to core theoretical considerations of participatory research, the programme will move to a one-day event in Ashington, where community members will draw on their experiences from a cross-cultural project to demonstrate real world applications and implications of participatory methods.
Effective start/end date1/03/1531/03/17




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