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Lancaster University is the UK partner in an Erasmus Plus funded project focussed on Researcher Identity Development – Strengthening Science in Societies Strategy (RID-SSSS). The UK team includes Professor Lynn McAlpine (visiting Professor at Lancaster University) and Professor Nicola Ingram (Sheffield Hallam University), Kelsey Inouye (Lancaseter University) and Dr. Isabellle Skakni (Lancaster University). The RID-SSISS project aims not only at helping Early Career Researchers (ECRs), that is doctoral students and postdocs, to develop as researchers. It also seeks to provide them with the educational resources for acquiring the high-level competences and skills they need to act as researchers in a complex, highly competitive and interdisciplinary context. Such context calls for a new conceptualization of research and a new researcher profile. The RID-SSISS aims to contribute in this direction through the design, implementation and dissemination of training and resources. Moreover, the project has the added value of promoting participatory research and innovative proposals that foster transdisciplinary research among doctoral students and early career researchers. As part of the overall project, the Lancaster University team are conducting a research survey relating to inequitable policies and practices in institutions, as well as qualitative interviews on balancing the demands of work and personal life. Further information about the project can be found on the project website (https://www.researcher-identity.com/).
Short titleResearcher Identity Development: Strengthening Science in Society Strategies
Effective start/end date1/09/1731/12/20


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