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  1. Laddism in Higher Education: Laddism in Higher Education

    Dempster, S. & Jackson, C.

    Society for Educational Studies


    Project: Research

  2. Leadership practices for student engagement: Leadership practices for student engagement

    Trowler, P.

    Leadership Foundation for Higher Education


    Project: Research

  3. NEN Internet Safety: NEN Internet Safety

    Passey, D. & Passey, D.

    National Education Network


    Project: Research

  4. KTP with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: KTP with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

    Parchoma, G. & Zenios, M.

    Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


    Project: Research

  5. Becta NEETS Landscape Review (Linked to EDD7746): Becta NEETS Landscape Review

    Passey, D. & Passey, D.

    British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA)


    Project: Research

  6. Wolverhampton LA Learning Platform: Wolverhampton LA Learning Platform

    Passey, D. & Passey, D.

    Wolverhampton City Council


    Project: Research

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