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The Performance of Open Innovation Flagships

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The aim of this research project is to understand and explain the way major open innovation sites function and perform in themselves, and also how they satisfy the needs of their multiple stakeholders. Our focus is on performance: what defines ‘success’, how it is measured, managed and how different stakeholders interact to ensure that these flagship centres deliver on their short and longer term objectives.

The project takes the form of a multi-case study looking at major physical sites of open innovation activity in the biopharma, technology and financial sectors. Through qualitative analysis we investigate the performance expectations of stakeholders, the controls in place or processes used to influence ecosystem performance, and the multiple accountability structures – both informal and formal – that exist in these complex multi-organisational networks.

The theoretical frameworks being applied to the empirical data are drawn from three separate areas: accountability theory, social capital theory and spatial theories. Using these lenses the project aims to draw out a deep understanding of the structures, processes, informal and formal relationships and stages of evolution that impact on the performance of Open Innovation sites.

Effective start/end date1/01/1230/09/15

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