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The Virtual Radiopharmacy - a Mindful Learning Environment

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The VirRAD project team created a readily accessible virtual environment where the Radiopharmacy community could meet to learn, exchange views, and discuss best practice. The VirRad platform evolved into three main components – a virtual community, a 3-D virtual Radiopharmacy laboratory, and the associated Courseware.

The VirRAD project produced a set of open educational resources in the form of online learning materials (for radio pharmacy) that may be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world. The course was designed so that it may be used for self-directed learning, without the guidance of a tutor. The course is divided into three modules, Radiopharmaceutical Preparation, Radionuclide Generators and Quality Control. Each module can be viewed as an individual unit; however, they are highly interconnected and together provide a coherent picture of basic radiopharmacy principles.

The open learning resources consist of short videos, animations, self-assessment quizzes, slideshows and a 3-D virtual radiopharmacy where multiple users can practice procedures.

The open learning resources are still available through the webpages of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Human Health Campus Professional website which aims to provide a dependable resource for radiation health professionals.

This project was funded by the European Union under the Framework 5, Information Society Technology Programme (IST-2001-32291) - € 3,577,021.

Layperson's description

Research into the design, development and evaluation of a learning environment including a 3D virtual radiopharmacy, video resources and professional community.
Effective start/end date1/03/0228/02/05
  • Sime, Julie-Ann (Principal Investigator)
  • Pengelly, Michael (Research Associate)
  • Shaw, Megan (Research Associate)
  • Kemp, Robert (Research Associate)
  • Swiderski, Zoe (Research Associate)
  • Vielma, Niki Joi (Research Associate)

Research outputs