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Welsh Summary Creator

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We are developing a publicly available Welsh-language automatic text summarisation tool: Adnodd Creu Crynodebau (ACC). ACC will contribute to the automated tools available in the Welsh language and facilitate the work of those involved in document preparation, proof-reading, and (in certain circumstances) translation. ACC will also allow professionals to quickly summarise long documents for efficient presentation. For instance, ACC will allow educators to adapt long documents for use in the classroom. It is also envisaged that ACC will benefit the wider public, who may prefer to read a summary of complex information presented on the internet or who may have difficulties reading translated versions of information on websites.

Layman's description

Creating a summarisation tool for documents written in Welsh.
Short titleAdnodd Creu Crynodebau
Effective start/end date1/05/211/05/22
  • El-Haj, Mo (Principal Investigator)
  • Knight, Dawn (Principal Investigator)
  • Morris, Jonathan (Co-Investigator)
  • Ezeani, Ignatius (Researcher)