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Ghosts in the Smart Home

Activity: Talk or presentation typesOral presentation


The simplest way to describe Ghosts in the Smart Home is that it’s a soap opera in which all the protagonists are what would be described as smart internet of things objects. The plot explores the perspectives of these devices in relation to a security breach on their home network. The work itself is part of a bigger body of research which seeks to challenge the proposition of human centred design in context of the networkification of our world. Human centred design arguably often seeks to obfuscate the role of the device in connecting us to larger networks of assemblage of things, in the name of simplicity, and that in reality human users are rarely the centre assemblages. It draws from Alien Phenomenology a form of Object Orientated Ontology which rejects correlationism, or that things only matter if they matter to humans, to rather consider that almost anything can be a thing not just the smart devices, but also humans, business models, algorithms, climate are also things all operating within complex assemblages of interdependent relationships but through independent perspectives.

Event (Conference)

TitleSmartification of Everything Symposium
LocationUniversity of Ottawa
Degree of recognitionInternational event