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Professor Paul Coulton

Professor of Speculative and Game Design

Paul Coulton

Lancaster University

The LICA Building



Tel: +44 1524 510393

Research overview

My research can more generally considered as Speculative Design. Speculative Design combines real and/or hypothetical extrapolations of the development of emerging technologies with a consideration of the cultural landscape into which they may be deployed. This activity is embodied as ‘research through design’ and, in particular, to the design of speculative physical/digital interactive games, playful experiences, and artefacts. Some of my early research was conducted using an, 'situated' evaluation methodology in that I  utilised 'app stores' and social networks as an experimental platforms. This element of my work led to international recognition by industry as well as academia in that I was selected as one of 50 most talented mobile developers worldwide from a community of over 2 million to be a founding Nokia Champion and the first academic invited to speak at the Game Developers Conference. Increasingly, my work relates to more-tha-human futures using a particular practice of Speculative Design which is Design Fiction as a way of exploring futures for emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Genetic modification etc. Design Fictions are collections of artefacts, that, when viewed together build a fictional world. The artificially built world is a prototyping platform for the very designs that define it, meanwhile those designs reciprocate in kind and prototype the world.

PhD supervision

Speculative Design, Critical Design, Design Fiction, Design Futures, Design as Rhetoric, Game Design

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