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Towards a WHO/ILO Methodology for Estimating the Burden of Work-Related Diseases and Injuries: First Meeting of Lead Reviewers of Systematic Reviews

Activity: External academic engagementContribution to the work of national or international committees and working groups

Paul Whaley - Visitor


Invited to contribute as Editor for Systematic Reviews at the journal selected by the WHO/ILO for publication of research findings, to contribute to ensuring manuscripts are of highest attainable quality. If all goes to plan, by next year the number of people with direct experience of employing SR methods in occupational and environmental health research will have increased by approximately 100, there will be the first ever WHO/ILO SRs with pre-published protocols, and the number of SRs using the Navigation Guide methodology will have tripled. This will set an important precedent for use of protocols as best practice in conduct of environmental and occupational health SRs and greatly increase SR capacity in the same fields.