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Dr Paul Whaley

Honorary Researcher

Paul Whaley

LEC Building



Research overview

"Science is supposed to be cumulative, but scientists only rarely cumulate evidence scientifically" - Chalmers, Hedges & Cooper.

My research is aimed at promoting the use of systematic methods for summarising evidence in the environmental health sciences. This is to help ensure that we make best use of the best evidence in understanding how the environment affects health, and what policies should be implemented in response to that evidence.

To keep up with the demand for systematic reviews and the acceleration in number of studies being published every year, I am increasingly involved in efforts to automate evidence synthesis. This is in addition to my work on developing research standards, critical appraisal tools, guidance, and methodology in the field of evidence synthesis.


Current Research

  • Developing guidance for conducting and reporting systematic reviews and evidence maps
  • Creating tools for appraising research, to facilitate editorial decision-making and peer review
  • Developing tools and workflows to facilitate standards-compliant reporting of research
  • Defining new methodological approaches in evidence synthesis

External Roles

  • Research Fellow at the Evidence-Based Toxicology Collaboration
  • Member of the GRADE Environmental Health Working Group
  • LEC representative to WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network
  • Associate Editor for Systematic Reviews at Environment International

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