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Engineering of Microwaves, Terahertz and Light (E-MIT)

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The E-MIT (Engineering of Microwaves, Terahertz and Light) Group is born out of the solid and outstanding background of the Department’s High Power Microwave Group. As such, it is a key part of the Cockcroft Institute for Accelerator Science & Technology, an international centre of excellence for R&D of future particle accelerators.

New competences and resources within E-MIT are allowing it to expand its research in high frequency fields towards novel and fascinating frontiers: Terahertz or T-Rays, Photonics, Optoelectronics, novel artificial functional materials. The E-MIT group aims to merge consolidated knowledge with research beyond the state of the art, to create an exciting environment for students and researchers worldwide.

More information on E-MIT’s activities can be found on its website (http://www.engineering.lancs.ac.uk/e-mit/index.html), the webpages of the individual staff accessible through the "People" tab above or on the Cockcroft Institute website (http://www.cockcroft.ac.uk/).

  • Published

    Experimental Observation of Proton Bunch Modulation in a Plasma at Varying Plasma Densities

    Adli, E., Ahuja, A., Apsimon, O., Apsimon, R., Bachmann, A-M., Barrientos, D., Barros, M. M., Batkiewicz, J., Batsch, F., Bauche, J., Berglyd Olsen, V. K., Bernardini, M., Biskup, B., Boccardi, A., Bogey, T., Bohl, T., Bracco, C., Braunmüller, F., Burger, S., Burt, G. & 92 othersBustamante, S., Buttenschön, B., Caldwell, A., Cascella, M., Chappell, J., Chevallay, E., Chung, M., Cooke, D., Damerau, H., Deacon, L., Deubner, L. H., Dexter, A., Doebert, S., Farmer, J., Fedosseev, V. N., Fior, G., Fiorito, R., Fonseca, R. A., Friebel, F., Garolfi, L., Gessner, S., Gorgisyan, I., Gorn, A. A., Granados, E., Grulke, O., Gschwendtner, E., Guerrero, A., Hansen, J., Helm, A., Henderson, J. R., Hessler, C., Hofle, W., Hüther, M., Ibison, M., Jensen, L., Jolly, S., Keeble, F., Kim, S-Y., Kraus, F., Lefevre, T., Legodec, G., Li, Y., Liu, S., Lopes, N., Lotov, K. V., Maricalva Brun, L., Martyanov, M., Mazzoni, S., Medina Godoy, D., Minakov, V. A., Mitchell, J., Molendijk, J. C., Mompo, R., Moody, J. T., Moreira, M., Muggli, P., Mutin, C., Öz, E., Ozturk, E., Pasquino, C., Pardons, A., Peña Asmus, F., Pepitone, K., Perera, A., Petrenko, A., Pitman, S., Plyushchev, G., Pukhov, A., Rey, S., Rieger, K., Ruhl, H., Schmidt, J. S., Shalimova, I. A., Shaposhnikova, E., Sherwood, P., Silva, L. O., Soby, L., Sosedkin, A. P., Speroni, R., Spitsyn, R. I., Tuev, P. V., Turner, M., Velotti, F., Verra, L., Verzilov, V. A., Vieira, J., Vincke, H., Welsch, C. P., Williamson, B., Wing, M., Woolley, B. & Xia, G., 8/02/2019, In : Physical review letters. 122, 5, 6 p., 054802.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  • Published

    Experimental Observation of Plasma Wakefield Growth Driven by the Seeded Self-Modulation of a Proton Bunch

    AWAKE Collaboration, 8/02/2019, In : Physical review letters. 122, 5, 7 p., 054801.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  • Forthcoming

    Mid-Infrared InAs/InAsSb Superlattice nBn Photodetector Monolithically Integrated onto Silicon

    Delli, E., Letka, V., Hodgson, P. D., Repiso Menendez, E., Hayton, J., Craig, A. P., Lu, Q., Beanland, R., Krier, A., Marshall, A. R. J. & Carrington, P. J., 16/01/2019, (Accepted/In press) In : ACS Photonics.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

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