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Microwave and RF Vacuum Electronic Power Sources

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Book review


Book review


TitleTubes are good for you
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media name/outletIEEE Microwave Magazine
Primary Media typePrint
Duration/Length/Size1 page
Country/TerritoryUnited States
DescriptionReview of "Microwave and RF Vacuum Electronic Power Sources" (2018).
This book offers an extensive study of different microwave tubes and the physics behind them. The ingenuity applied to creating all the types he describes is fascinating in itself. The author's 50 years of experience inform his writing, and he includes Mathcad worksheets and real-world examples in this book of more than 800 pages in 20 chapters. It is well written and, for the mathematically adept, easy to read. It is also practical in that it can be consumed at a casual level to learn the ideas behind and operation of various tubes and at a detailed mathematical level.
Producer/AuthorAlfy Riddle
PersonsRichard Carter