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Dr Alexandre Benedetto


Alexandre Benedetto

Furness Building



Tel: +44 1524 594999

Research overview

I wish to understand how animals and their microbiome communicate throughout life to maintain homeostasis. To probe such interactions, I study C. elegans and its adult gut microbiota under challenging conditions (infection, neurodegenerative diseases, stress, ageing). Combining genome-wide phenotyping screens, RNAseq and in chip time-lapse imaging, I aim to map the genetic network that governs worm gut-bacteria interactions (BBSRC: BB/S017127/1). In parallel, I also study the regulation of abrupt death in C. elegans in a bid to identify interventions that can halt or delay tissue decay and organismal death (Wellcome Trust: 214076/Z/18/Z). Lastly, I develop and apply microfludics and microfabricated devices for the quantitative study of cancer development and progression in cell and tissue culture models (NWCR).

PhD supervision

I can welcome PhD and MSc by Research students interested in studying: - the spatiotemporal dynamics of gut host-microbiota interactions using a combination of advanced genomic, spectrophotometric and on-chip live-imaging microscopy techniques in the model organism C. elegans. - the dynamics of bacterial biofilm regulation in vivo in the model organism C. elegans. - the neuronal regulation of organismal death in C. elegans using advanced imaging of tissue-specific genetically-encoded calcium and pH reporters. - Autophagy and proteasome regulation in C. elegans - the role of intercellular variability in cancer progression using advanced live microscopy imaging and automated analysis techniques (in collaboration with Dr. Richard Mort). Contact and send your CV by email to a.benedetto@lancaster.ac.uk if interested!

Current Teaching

BIOL114 - Biotechnology

BIOL364 - Biology of Ageing (Module organiser)

BIOL383 - Innovations in Biosciences (Module organiser)

BIOL461 - Fundamental Research Skills

Additional Information

 CURRENTLY RECRUITING! (see weblink below)


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