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Dr Amber Leeson

Senior Lecturer in Applied Data Science

Amber Leeson

Faraday Building



Tel: +44 1524 594654

Research overview

Amber’s main research interest is in ice-climate interactions; specifically how climate change affects the Greenland and Antarctic Ice sheets. Her day-to-day work mostly involves developing improved numerical models of the Cryosphere, in order to advance their capability for robust estimates of cryospheric change. This is supported by extensive work with Remote Sensing data and GIS techniques. 

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Current Research

Current projects include:

  • Meltwater-Ice sheet Interactions and the changing climate of Greenland (MII-Greenland)
  • Data Science for the Natural Environment (DSNE)
  • Extreme temperature events on Greenland and their impact on ice melting
  • Supraglacial lakes and their impact of grounded and floating ice
  • Firn modelling for the interpretation of observations of ice sheet height change

Research Interests

Amber was awarded her PhD in 2013 and has since published 19 refereed journal papers, in leading journals such as Geophysical Research Letters and Nature Climate Change. Her work focusses mainly on ice sheets and climate change but she is also involved in the application of data science to environmental problems. Her most recent paper (The Cryosphere) presents the first estimate of the contribution of extreme temperature events to greenland ice sheet melting and suggests that regional climate models 'miss' a significant proportion of total melting because they underestimate extreme temperature events.

External Roles

Amber has previously been the treasurer for the UK Polar Network, a member of the American Geosciences Union (AGU) Cryosphere Committee and early career representative to the UK National Committee for Antarctic Research (UKNCAR) and is currently:

Current Teaching

I teach on LEC321 Glacial Systems and LEC103 Environmental Processes and Systems and I convene LEC497 Professional Experience Placement and LEC498 Professional Experience Dissertation.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Oustside of work Amber enjoys reading, music and crafting.  She also has a keen interest in sustainable fashion and volunteers with the Leeds Community Clothes Exchange. 

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