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Dr Andrew Jarvis

Research student

Andrew Jarvis

Lancaster University

The Management School



United Kingdom

Career Details

I have returned to academia, having spent 27 years working in Unilever in a variety of finance and strategy roles.

Having completed an MRes in International Business, I am now undertaking a PhD in management looking at issues around 'how things work' in the modern multinational firm, particularly within the context of organisational restructuring.


Research overview

My key research interests are around

  • The Multinational Enterprise - in particular the impact of 'post-heterarchical' organisational structures, with inter-dependent units, multiple reporting lines, and employee membership of multiple units.
  • The concept of 'power' - that is the ability to 'get things done' in the multinational.
  • Issues around organisational restructuring and how this shapes or challenges employees' understanding of the organisation.
  • Outsourcing decisions and issues, including choices made around the boundaries of the organisation
  • Corporate level strategy.


MA Economics, Cambridge University

MRes International Business, Lancaster University

Current Teaching

Previously graduate teaching assistant on MNGT220 and MNGT302.

Research Grants

I received a LUMS departmental studentship for the 2014-15 academic year.

From the 2015-17 I was funded by the Lady J PhD scholarship.

Attendance at the ABS Summer School on Advanced Qualitative Methods was supported by the LUMS Conference Grant Scheme.

Attendance at EGOS 2016 in Naples, including the pre-colloquium PhD workshop was generously supported by LUMS.

Attendance at BAM 2017 in Warwick was supported by LUMS.

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