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Dr Andrew Pinkerton

Senior Lecturer

Andrew Pinkerton

Lancaster University

Engineering Building



Tel: +44 1524 593547

Research Interests

Andrew’s main research interest is laser materials processing. He has reseached laser direct metal deposition, welding, drilling, and maufacture of biocompatible inserts  using laser for over 10 years, leading to over 100 publications in the field. He specialises in modelling of laser and thermography processes - mainly using analytical  techniques but recently also integrated FE and CFD models.

Other work has considered nano-scale machining of sensors, microstructure control of nickel superalloys during processing and condition monitoring for predictive maintenance. 

Research Grants

2009    EU FP7 IAPP 230756 ‘Integrated numerical modeling of laser additive processes’ (INLADE) 1/2/09 – 1/2/13, with ESI GmbH. €330k (PI, Coordinator)

2009    ESI GmbH ‘Laser deposition simulation software development’ 1/2/09 – 1/2/14 €137k (PI)

2008/2009      British Council RC PK 35, ‘Efficient recycling of machine waste by laser deposition’ 1/3/08 – 1/9/09, with The College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, NUST, PK. £39k + £16k extension  (PI)

2007    EPSRC grant EP/F01337X/1, Taking Additive Laser Research into Biomedical Applications, 1/10/07 – 30/6/08, with the University of Waterloo, Canada. £67k (PI)

2005    EPSRC grant EP/C00194X/1, A Scientific Base for Laser Net Shaping of Superalloys with Custom Distributed Properties (LASPRO), 1/1/05 – 31/12/07, with Rolls-Royce plc, TWI and the Winbro Group. £424k (Co-I)


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