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Dr Angelos Marnerides

Lecturer in Computer Networking

Angelos Marnerides




Tel: +44 1524 510310

Research overview

I work in the broad domain of network resilience with particular interests in anomaly detection and traffic/workload characterisation for network security. My research philosophy is in designing algorithms and systems with strong theoretical foundations and in providing practical data-driven implementations that are deployable in the real world. Hence, my work can be viewed as an intersection between systems-oriented computer networking research with machine learning and statistical analysis. Past and recent work was applied to a range of scenarios in the context of the backbone Internet traffic, malware/botnet detection, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI), and vehicular-to-grid networks. I'm currently involved in three (relatively) large research projects with multiple academic partners and industry support where the following two topics (alongside their sub-topics) emerge:

Macroscopic analysis of Internet Traffic & Network management:

  • Detection of large-scale IoT-based botnets
  • Characterisation/analysis of the IPV4/IPv6 Darknet's scanning behaviour
  • Hacker-friendly Search Engine (e.g. Shodan) characterisation 
  • Internet traffic classification/characterisation - (particularly on the classification of encrypted traffic)
  • SDN/NFV-based anomaly detection

SmartGrid cybersecurity:

  • Anomaly detection for energy management systems
  • Privacy-aware power consupmtion profiling
  • Appliance-level power consumption profiling for Smart Home Energy Management systems
  • End-to-End (E2E) cryptosystems for the SmartGrid 


Dr. Angelos K. Marnerides is Lecturer (tenured Assistant Professor) in Computer Networking in the School of Computing & Communications (SCC) at Lancaster University, UK. Dr. Marnerides is an academic member of the Networking Group in SCC, a member of Security Lancaster and also a member of the prestigious Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research at Lancaster University (ACE-CSR). Prior to his current post, he was a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the department of Computer Science at Liverpool John Moores University, UK. In the past, he held postdoctoral appointments in the ECE department at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, in DCC at the University of Porto, Portugal and in SCC at Lancaster University, UK. He also held visiting researcher appointments in the SCC, Lancaster University, UK, and the EE department at University College London (UCL), UK. Throughout his career, his research has been funded by several bodies in the UK (EPSRC, Innovate UK, GCHQ), the EU (FP6, FP7, H2020), the US (NSF) and Portugal (FCT) with industry support (e.g., BT, Fujitsu, Raytheon, BAE, Google). He has been a member of the IEEE since 2007 and served as a Technical Program Committee (TPC) member as well as a TPC track and workshop co-chair for several top IEEE conferences including IEEE ICC, IEEE GLOBECOM, IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE CCNC, IEEE WoWMoM, and IEEE GLOBALSIP. Dr. Marnerides has published a number of papers in prestigious IEEE conferences and journals and he is also a patent author. Moreover, he has been invited to serve as an external reviewer for various research project proposals (e.g., Chilean national commision), top-tier journals and conferences. Within SCC, he is the International Teaching Partnership (ITP) Scheme Director for SCC with Sunway University, Malaysia and also an academic advisor for the Grizedale College at Lancaster University. He holds an MSc (Distinction) and PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University, UK.

Additional Information

Currently accepting highly motivated students to work for a PhD with me! Before contacting me, please read the following:

I receive a large number of requests from all over the world. In order to filter these, I look for a number of things as detailed below.

  • I expect my students to be strong system programmers and with good data analysis/mathematical skills. I also expect them to publish at least 2 publications before graduation, one of which at a top tier systems/networking venue.
  • Please only make contact with me once you have an idea of what you want to work on and how it would be relevant to my fields of research (you can view/read my publications and a summary of my work at: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/scc/about-us/people/angelos-marnerides) . You need to think about how it overlaps with your interests and experience.
  • Once you know this, send me such details in the form of a concise research proposal (1-2 pages) along with a CV (include previous degrees and grades, any publications, awards of excellence, and if you are a football legend or not).
  • Your proposal should outline the problem you want to work on, why you want to work with me in particular, and what knowledge and skills you will bring to solve said problem. If these points are not clarified, I am inclined to ignore your email.
  • When emailing me, please send any attached documents in PDF. I will not open Word documents.
  • If I find your proposal interesting and convincing, I will let you know so you can name me as a supporter of your official application using the standard procedure (http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/how-to-apply-for-postgraduate-study/)


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