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Anita Purewal

Lecturer in Law (Teaching & Scholarship), Research Student

Bowland North



Tel: +44 1524 594240

Research overview

My reserach interests lie within the fields of property and land law, with particular focus on the sentimental attachments to property and property theory, namely the adequacy of such theories as contemporary definitions of ownership. 

Thesis Title

To what extent is the sentimental attachment to property recognised in legal, political and social discourse, and what are the consequences of this recognition for contemporary theories of property rights?

Thesis Outline

My thesis aims to examine the extent to which a sentimental attachment to property is established and recognised within political, legal, and social discourse. The research aims to consider the implications of such findings on the use and understanding of modern theories of property rights, and whether property theory must consequently be reformed to accommodate for the concept of sentimental attachment.

The research aims to encourage a new approach and understanding of property theory to be utilised by executive and legal bodies when calculating compensation for involuntary property losses, including within the contexts of compulsory purchase and natural disasters, and when balancing competing property interests and proposing land developments; an approach that acknowledges sentiment. Such reform aims to ensure that more justified awards are given to land owners subject to the involuntary loss of their homes by accomodating for both the economic and emotional losses suffered when property is taken or destroyed, with sufficient and consistent protection of sentimental attachments to property being sought as a result of such proposed reform to property theory.

Supervised By

Dr Benjamin Mayfield and Dr Lu Xu

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