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Benjamin Jackson

Research student

Benjamin Jackson

LEC Building Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YQ


United Kingdom


My research focuses upon the modelling of "down-the-drain" chemicals in China. I use the GIS based GREAT-ER model (Geography-referenced Regional Exposure Assessment Tool for European Rivers) for this purpose. The model is stochastic and is composed of a river network split into numerous "stretches" connected to sewage treatment plants. Each stretch contains statistical information about the range of low flows that may occur. The GREAT-ER model can be used for the purpose of chemical risk assessment and has a large potential to be used within the EU REACH program as high-tier model. However, the model itself is very simple and once a catchment is generated by a model, has a very low data requirement.

The first aim of my research is to determine whether the GREAT-ER model can be adapted forĀ  use in China. There are two barriers: data availability and the uncertainty of wastewater connectivity.

The second aim of my research is to focus upon the risk of down-the-drain chemicals to a catchments in the present and in the future. The future element involves the simulation of a number of scenarios which focus upon population and wastewater infrastructure change.