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Professor Emma Sayer

Professor in Ecosystem Ecology

Emma Sayer

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 510140

Research overview

My research investigates how ecosystems respond to change. I’m happiest when working in forests but I also make the occasional foray into grasslands. My main research focus lies in determining how interactions between above- and belowground processes affect ecosystem function. I currently work in the UK, Panama and Germany using a wide range of tools borrowed from biogeochemistry, plant-, soil, and microbial ecology. I'm part of the Steering Group of the UK's longest-running climate change experiment and Review Editor for Functional Ecology. I’m also passionate about science communication and public engagement with science. For more details, take a look at http://www.festivalbugs.org

  • Published

    Precipitation change affects forest soil carbon inputs and pools: a global meta-analysis

    Xu, S., Wang, J., Sayer, E. J., Lam, S. K. & Lai, D. Y. F., 15/01/2024, In: Science of the Total Environment. 908, 168171.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  • E-pub ahead of print

    Tropical forest above‐ground productivity is maintained by nutrients cycled in litter

    Sayer, E. J., Leitman, S. F., Wright, S. J., Rodtassana, C., Vincent, A. G., Bréchet, L. M., Castro, B., Lopez, O., Wallwork, A. & Tanner, E. V. J., 8/01/2024, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Journal of Ecology.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  • Published

    Global fine-resolution data on springtail abundance and community structure

    Potapov, A. M., Chen, T-W., Striuchkova, A. V., Alatalo, J. M., Alexandre, D., Arbea, J., Ashton, T., Ashwood, F., Babenko, A. B., Bandyopadhyaya, I., Baretta, D., Baretta, D., Barnes, A. D., Bellini, B. C., Bendjaballah, M., Berg, M. P., Bernava, V., Bokhorst, S., Bokova, A. I., Bolger, T., & 118 othersBouchard, M., Brito, R. A., Buchori, D., Castaño-Meneses, G., Chauvat, M., Chomel, M., Chow, Y., Chown, S. L., Classen, A. T., Cortet, J., Čuchta, P., de la Pedrosa, A. M., De Lima, E. C. A., Deharveng, L. E., Doblas Miranda, E., Drescher, J., Eisenhauer, N., Ellers, J., Ferlian, O., Ferreira, S. S. D., Ferreira, A. S., Fiera, C., Filser, J., Franken, O., Fujii, S., Koudji, E. G., Gao, M., Gendreau-Berthiaume, B., Gers, C., Greve, M., Hamra-Kroua, S., Handa, I. T., Hasegawa, M., Heiniger, C., Hishi, T., Holmstrup, M., Homet, P., Høye, T. T., Ivask, M., Jacques, B., Janion-Scheepers, C., Jochum, M., Joimel, S., Jorge, B. C. S., Juceviča, E., Kapinga, E. M., Kováč, Ľ., Krab, E. J., Krogh, P. H., Kuu, A., Kuznetsova, N., Lam, W. N., Lin, D., Lindo, Z., Liu, A. W. P., Lu, J-Z., Luciáñez, M. J., Marx, M. T., Mawan, A., McCary, M. A., Minor, M. A., Mitchell, G. I., Moreno, D., Nakamori, T., Negri, I., Nielsen, U. N., Ochoa-Hueso, R., Oliveira Filho, L. C. I., Palacios-Vargas, J. G., Pollierer, M. M., Ponge, J-F., Potapov, M. B., Querner, P., Rai, B., Raschmanová, N., Rashid, M. I., Raymond-Léonard, L. J., Reis, A. S., Ross, G. M., Rousseau, L., Russell, D. J., Saifutdinov, R. A., Salmon, S., Santonja, M., Saraeva, A. K., Sayer, E. J., Scheunemann, N., Scholz, C., Seeber, J., Shaw, P., Shveenkova, Y. B., Slade, E. M., Stebaeva, S., Sterzynska, M., Sun, X., Susanti, W. I., Taskaeva, A. A., Tay, L. S., Thakur, M. P., Treasure, A. M., Tsiafouli, M., Twala, M. N., Uvarov, A. V., Venier, L. A., Widenfalk, L. A., Widyastuti, R., Winck, B., Winkler, D., Wu, D., Xie, Z., Yin, R., Zampaulo, R. A., Zeppelini, D., Zhang, B., Zoughailech, A., Ashford, O., Klauberg-Filho, O. & Scheu, S., 3/01/2024, In: Scientific Data. 11, 1, 22.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

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