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Professor Gert Westermann


Gert Westermann

Lancaster University

Fylde College



Tel: +44 1524 592942

Research overview

My research is in developmental cognitive science: In my group we use a variety of methods (eye tracking, EEG, fast mapping, computational modelling) to study mainly infants' cognitive and emotional development. In general I am interested in the question how intrinsic and environmental factors combine to shape a developmental trajectory and eventually, the adult system.

Main research areas:

Learning about objects in infancy: How do infants make use of multiple sources of information (visual appearance, sounds, labels) to learn about objects and to form categories?

Development and adult processing of verb inflections: how does experience with a language environment shape the processing structures supporting verb inflections?

PhD supervision

Infant cognitive development, computational modelling, language processing

Research Grants

Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarship Programme (PI, £1,050,000), Interdisciplinary Research on Infant Development, 2015-2019

British Academy Small Grant (co-PI, with Eugenio Parise; £9,458), Categorization Processes in 9-­Month-­Old Infants: Ostensive Labelling vs. Common Visual Features, 2014-2016

LuCiD: ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (co-PI with 21 others, PI: Elena Lieven; £9.3 million), 2014-2019

Lichtenberg Fellowship,University of Göttingen (€68,000), Germany, January - July, 2013

Lancaster University Friends Programme Grant (PI, with Melissa Allen, Dina Lew, Katie Alcock, Gavin Bremner, Karen Mattock; £4,191), Support for publicity and student projects at the Lancaster Babylab, 2011-2012

ESRC Research Grant (PI; £99,937), Multisensory processing of objects in infancy, 2011-2012

British Academy Small Grant (co-PI, with Louise Bunce; £7,118), Young children's understanding of the fantasy-reality distinction: perceptual or conceptual processing?, 2010-2011

ESRC Research Grant (PI; £105,468), The effect of labels on category formation in infancy, 2009-2011

British Academy Small Grant (PI; £3,502), Investigating past tense formation in adults: a neurophysiological study, 2008-2009

ESRC Research Grant (PI; £288,082), Understanding the processing of verb inflections through statistical analyses, experiments and neural networks, 2006-2009

Royal Society Research Grant (co PI with Joseph T. Devlin; £9,400), TMS investigations of morphology in Broca's area, 2006-2007

Career Details

PhD, Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh

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