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Dr Luke Parry

Senior Lecturer

Luke Parry

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 510289

Research overview

Luke is a social environmental scientist and is interested in identifying pathways towards socially-just and sustainable urbanization in tropical forest regions, particularly the Amazon. He has been a Lecturer in the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) since 2011 and was an ESRC Future Research Leader Fellow from 2014 to early 2017. Luke has a PhD in inter-disciplinary environmental science from the University of East Anglia and works extensively with research institutions in Brazil, including the Oswaldo Cruz [Health] Foundation (Fiocruz), the Federal Universities of Pará (UFPA) and Amazonas (UFAM), the National Space Research Institute (INPE) and the Goeldi Museum, and. His passion for Amazonia spans its people and places, slow boat journeys and governmental census data.

Current Research:

Luke is leading a research program exploring the linkages between social vulnerability, climatic shocks and food and nutritional insecurity in Amazonia. This work can be broadly split into two parts (albeit they influence one another); (1) Developing a bottom-up Citizens Network [in Portuguese] intended to explore (and strengthen) the political and social dimensions of living with environmental change in remote, road-less areas of Amazonia; (2) Developing new quantitative tools to predict dynamic vulnerability to flood and drought events, funded through an ESRC Fellowship. He is delighted to be working with a stellar bunch of inter-disciplinary scientists in the UK and Brazil, including the statistician Ben Taylor and mentoring by Peter Diggle. Ben and Luke jointly supervise a PhD student in this project, Erick Chacon Montalvan. Luke also works closely with Gemma Davies, including assessing whether local-scale spatial variation in food retail access in Amazonian cities equates to ‘food deserts’. In Brazil, Luke is formally hosted by the Nucleus of Advanced Amazonian Studies (NAEA) at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) in Belém. Luke and his collaborators hope to contribute to improving the adaptive capacity of road-less Amazonian cities to cope with severe drought and flood events, vulnerable social groups are particularly sensitive to the disruption of river transport and high food prices. The team is working to develop an online early warning system that predicts real-time urban vulnerability to food insecurity and hope this tool will enable improved risk-analysis and facilitate both long-term strategic investment of resources and disaster intervention. Prior to starting his ESRC fellowship Luke was a World Social Science Fellow on Sustainable Urbanization, under the International Social Science Council (ISSC).

Research Interests (Past and Present):

Luke’s inter-disciplinary research in Amazonia spans:

Luke and his PhD students are part of the Political Ecology group in the Lancaster Environment Centre.


Luke’s teaching primarily contributes to LEC’s geography courses and includes:

  • LEC 202 Ecosystem Services and Society [not currently running]
  • LEC 322 Environment, Society and Politics in Amazonia (taught with James Fraser & Jos Barlow)  - his sessions focus on population-environment relationships (especially under rural exodus and urbanization) and resilience
  • LEC330 Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Brazilian Amazon [field-course to the Rio Negro in Amazonas State, with Jos Barlow)
  • LEC342 Issues in Conservation Biology


Luke is currently:

  • Co-chair of LEC’s inter-disciplinary PhD panel
  • Member of LEC’s Research Strategy Group

Outside interests: As well as keeping busy with little Arturito, Luke is keen on photography (admittedly with a strong Amazonian bias [e.g. 123, 4]), cycling (around Lancaster) and cooking. 

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