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Jordan Blanchard-Lafayette

Research student

Jordan Blanchard-Lafayette

Lancaster University

LEC Building



Research overview

My research focuses on developing an understanding of how cultural and ecological changes can happen in tandem, and in some cases, work to accellerate one another. My PhD research looks at applying this in an Amazonian case study, where ecological changes in this case are primarily due to large scale deforestation, and cultural changes in Amazonians can be supported by these changes, but also support a major driver of deforestation, cattle ranching. I am also interested in identifying whether there are social-ecological tipping points as a result of these changes, where both the environment and cultural makeup of an ecosystem are changed irreperably, or are reformed with completely altered characteristics.

More broadly, I have worked on the IPBES Values Assessment 2022 (chapter 2) as a contributing author, and have worked on other projects (as lead and support researcher) looking to leverage environmental values for positive social and environmental outcomes. 

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