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Dr Mark Lacy

Senior Lecturer, Associate Director: Security Lancaster

Mark Lacy

Lancaster University

County South



Office Hours:

My office hours are Tuesday 3-4 and Thursday 3-4.


Research overview


In 2014 my book Security, Technology and Global Politics: Thinking with Virilio was published. The book examines the work of Paul Virilio, a French urbanist and philosopher who has written since the 1970s on war, security, cities and politics: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415576048/

My current research projects are:

Cyberwar/Cybersecurity. I am currently writing a book on new perspectives on cyberwar with Dr Daniel Prince.

Apocalyptic International Politics: Six questions on Paul Virilio and the future of Security and War. I am currently working on this book project based on a course I teach in the department, The Politics of GlobaL Danger. 

'Event Management': new technologies and urban conflict in Dhaka. This project examines the new terrains of policing and protest in Bangladesh. The project is based primarily on interviews and fieldwork in Dhaka. The first fieldwork trip took place in January 2014.

Science fiction and the Future of war and security. This project explores how science fiction can help us understand emerging ethical, political, technological and strategic challenges in war and security.



I am theme lead for Security Futures: Security Futures is an interdisciplinary space to examine the ethical, economic, legal and technical implications of new technologies - to identify new areas of research and to examine the optimism or fear in debates over emerging trends and moral panics about new technologies.

I am the lead editor in the Routledge book series, Conflict, Security and Technology: http://www.routledge.com/books/series/CST/

PhD supervision

Critical security studies
European social theory
Digital geo-politics

Current Teaching

PPR.425 Theorizing Security and War

PPR 221 Understanding Security and Global Politcs

 PPR 325 The Politics of Global Danger

PPR 100 Politics and Governance in the Contemporary World

Research Interests

Digital Technologies, cities and police/protest

Digital Geopolitics and Conflict outside the West

Post 9/11 Security: intellectual responses and controversies

Environmental security

Acceleration, society and security

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