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Dr Matt Hodges

Facility Manager & Research Technician


Tel: +44 1524 594360

Research overview

I spent my undergraduate years at UCL studying Human Genetics and went onto Imperial College London as a postgraduate and postdoctorial scientist (Biochemistry building, Sir Alexander Fleming building, Charing Cross Hospital and the MRC clinical Sciences Centre).

I am now a facility manager in BLS. I am also joint manager of lab C4 and tissue culture room C2 (with Michelle Bates). I have expertise in Molecular Biology techniques- plasmid cloning, PCR, tissue culture and QPCR. Please come see me if you need some help with your research.

Research Interests

Prior to coming to Lancaster my research interests were involved in the molecular biology aspects of human disease. Firstly in identifying genes subjected to methylation via the process of genetic imprinting in Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome and trying to understand the mechanism in women who have familial recurrant hydatidiform mole. Secondly I have worked on vision, specifically trying to understand the mechanisms of how inherited mutations affect genes function and how functionality can be preserved in affected cells via neuroprotection delivered by stem cell therapy.

Current Research

I am making SOCS3 lentivirus RNAi knockdown lines for Rachael Rigby- currently successfully done in CACO2 and HIECS cell lines- next will be SW480. I am investigating ACER and ANCE gene expression in Drosophila for Alan Shirras and Sue Broughton.

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