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Dr Elisabeth Shaw

Bioimaging Facility Manager

Elisabeth Shaw

Furness Building



Tel: +44 1524 593303

Professional Role

Dr Elisabeth Shaw currently manages and oversees training in the Bioimaging Facility. Responsibilities and expertise include general fluorescent microscopy as well as confocal and deconvolution platforms, electron microscopy, flow cytometry, tissue fixation, embedding and sectioning and visual staining. 

Career Details

Dr Elisabeth Shaw first joined the University over 8 years ago as a post-doctoral researcher looking at intestinal epithelial renewal and repair before moving in to a more technical role centred around microscopy. Prior to that she was at Liverpool Univeristy where she obtained a PhD for work on prognostic markers of chemosensitiy in Oligodendrogliomas. Following her doctoral study she remained at Liverpool to assist in reasearch on drug development in another tumour type with generally poor prognosis, pancreatic Cancer. Through-out this time she has developed her skills in molecular biology including RNA extraction, PCR and western blotting, as well as flow cytometry, microscopy, and histology.

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