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Olena Rossi

Research student

Olena Rossi

Lancaster University

County South



Research overview

I specialise in language testing, my areas of interest include item writing, item writer training, course evaluation (specifically in relation to item writer trianing courses and events), and assessment literacy for test stakeholders (teachers, test candidates, examiners, item writers, administrative staff, etc.). 

Current Research

My current PhD research study investigates the effectiveness of item writer training in improving the quality of item writing. The project looks into the training of item writers during an innovative 3-month online training course. The project seeks to determine how effective various methods/techniques used to train item writers are; the effectiveness of the training is measured by comparing items produced by course participants before versus after they take part in the course. The research aims to find out whether there is an improvement in the quality of the items the course participants write after they complete the course, as well as factors that have influenced the improvement, if any.