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AIRPRO - Air Pollution Processes in Beijing

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This project investigates the physical, chemical and meteorological processes that are responsible for the formation, persistence and removal of urban air pollution in Beijing. The project is a collaboration between 10 UK universities, 3 partner research organizations, and 4 leading Chinese research institutes, and involves two campaign periods of intensive pollution measurements in Beijing during winter and summer periods. These wide-ranging measurements will generate the most complete and comprehensive data set on urban air quality in Beijing and this will be used to challenge our current understanding of pollutant formation and processing as encapsulated in numerical air quality models. These models will be used at high spatial resolution to investigate air pollution at the scales required to inform assessments of human exposure.
Effective start/end date31/01/1630/07/18


  • NERC: £161,105.00


  • High End Computing cluster (HEC)

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