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Biodiversity and the water cycle

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This desk study has five objectives:

1/ To assess the hydrological functions of forests including their role in regulating water availability, including during extreme hydrological events (droughts and floods) & over more prolonged periods including inter-annually; including interactions with surface water availability, groundwater, soil moisture, humidity etc (as appropriate)

2/ To assess the functions and role of forests in nutrient regulation (water quality) and sediment regulation

3/ To assess interactions between forests and other ecosystem components of the water cycle including wetlands, grasslands, agricultural crops & other relevant biomes

4/ To assess key water-related ecosystem services provided by forests & their value

5/ To assess the role of forests in carbon storage & relevant linkages with hydrology

Effective start/end date27/02/1215/07/12


  • Ramsar: £3,163.00

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