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E3: Morecambe Bay Timescapes; Engaging Young People in Visualising Coastal Futures

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Layperson's description

Morecambe Bay Timescapes is a project that involves young people in Morecambe and Lancaster working with researchers in design, computing, and environmental science to create visualisations of local coastal pasts and futures.
These visualisations will be displayed during a final event as site-specific installations, which will enable members of the public to look at their surroundings through the lenses of costal change.
Current predictions all show the significant impact that sea level rise and extreme weather events will have on coastal areas worldwide. However, what exactly will happen to individual coastal communities will vary greatly, and will largely depend on local geology, climate, infrastructures and community preparedness.
The visions produced by young people will be used in to initiate future-making conversations with strategic decision-makers.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/12/21


  • ESRC: £9,233.00


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