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NG-CDI : Next Generation Converged Digital infrastructure

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This programme brings together a team of internationally renowned scientists and engineers working across top universities and BT. Together they will deliver the next generation converged digital infrastructure for the UK. This will create an agile, resilient network capable of meeting the future needs of our rapidly changing society and ensure that the UK’s digital infrastructure continues to be world leading.

Imminent developments such as 5G, virtual reality and self-driving vehicles will require a radical shift in the way our networks perform and the way they are maintained. Demands on the current infrastructure are extremely high both in capacity and given the range of services offered. In line with this, the team aims to develop a future network that is “autonomic”, with the capability to react and even predict changes in networking demand, reconfiguring infrastructure accordingly with minimal human intervention. This will lead to new services, improved customer experiences in terms of network reliability, and greater agility for businesses which need digital services that can adapt as they grow with resilience to future demands.

The partnership builds on long-term research collaborations between BT and each of the consortium’s members. This unique, multidisciplinary partnership with BT pioneers the way in which data science is harnessed with the latest research in networking.
Effective start/end date1/11/1731/10/23

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