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Tackling child sexual exploitation: Offences and victims

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Whilst child abuse and child sexual exploitation (CSE) has been an issue for hundreds of years, it is only in the last half-century that significant attention has been paid to it. The latter part of the twentieth and beginnings of the twenty-first centuries led to considerable attention at both domestic and international level to the use of law to tackle this phenomenon. Events over the past twelve months, including the ‘scandals’ of Rochdale and Oldham relating to on-street grooming, suggest that the issue remains live. Recent events have also raised questions over the treatment of victims, including whether they are listened to by key criminal justice agencies. Issues have also arisen concerning how the law (and society) should react to those who commit these offences. This seminar will bring together key interdisciplinary experts from within the field, to present their latest research and discuss the gaps in existing research.
Effective start/end date1/02/1331/12/13


  • The Modern Law Review: £7,464.00

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