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The Consortium on Risk in the Environment: Diagnostics, Integrationg, Benchmarking, Learning and Elicitation (CREDIBLE)

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The project, funded by NERC, is concerned with uncertainty and risk in assessing different types of natural hazards. The consortium is led by the University of Bristol and is complementary to another project in this area RACER led by University College London. The Lancaster University component is concerned with flood risks and will look at uncertainty in making local flood warnings, flood mapping, and assessing the damage part of risk. We also have a methodological component, together with the University of Durham in RACER, which is to consider how to deal with knowledge uncertainties in natural hazards for which it might be difficult to formulate a probabilistic model. The first studies in this area have been concerned with trying to identify inconsistent observations that might be misleading when it is necessary to calibrate a hydrological model locally.
AcronymThe Consortium on Risk in the Environment: Diagnostics, Integra
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/01/17

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