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The Effect of Test-Taker'sWorking Memory and Task Motivation on TOEFL Junior Comprehensive Test Scores

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Despite extensive research into the relationship of working memory capacity and attention regulation abilities on the one hand and second language performance on the other hand, little is known about how young learners’ working memory storage capacity and attentional regulation is associated with achievement on second language tests. Similarly, we have limited understanding of how adolescents’ task motivation influences test scores. These issues seem particularly relevant for innovative task types that involve the integration of multiple skills, e.g., Listening-to-Speak or Listen-Write tasks. This funded study will address these gaps by investigating how cognitive factors (working memory storage and attention regulation) and affective factors (task motivation) relate to 11 to 15 year old test-takers’ performance on an English language test (the TOEFL Junior Comprehensive).

AcronymThe Effect of Test-Taker'sWorking Memory and Task Motivation on
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  • Educational Testing Service (ETS): £32,869.48

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