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Publications & Outputs

  1. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Correlations between fluid biomarkers of NfL, TDP-43, and tau, and clinical characteristics

    Kojima, Y., Kasai, T., Noto, Y-I., Ohmichi, T., Tatebe, H., Kitaoji, T., Tsuji, Y., Kitani-Morii, F., Shinomoto, M., Allsop, D., Teramukai, S., Mizuno, T. & Tokuda, T., 29/11/2021, In: PLoS ONE. 16, 11 , 13 p., e0260323.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  2. Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection Burden and Epidemiologic Risk Factors in Countries with Universal Screening: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

    Ssentongo, P., Hehnly, C., Birungi, P., Roach, M. A., Spady, J., Fronterre, C., Wang, M., Murray-Kolb, L. E., Al-Shaar, L., Chinchilli, V. M., Broach, J. R., Ericson, J. E. & Schiff, S. J., 23/08/2021, In: JAMA Network Open. 4, 8, 17 p., e2120736.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  3. AGILE: a seamless phase I/IIa platform for the rapid evaluation of candidates for COVID-19 treatment: an update to the structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised platform trial letter

    Griffiths, G. O., FitzGerald, R., Jaki, T., Corkhill, A., Reynolds, H., Ewings, S., Condie, S., Tilt, E., Johnson, L., Radford, M., Simpson, C., Saunders, G., Yeats, S., Mozgunov, P., Tansley-Hancock, O., Martin, K., Downs, N., Eberhart, I., Martin, J. W. B., Goncalves, C., & 18 othersSong, A., Fletcher, T., Byrne, K., Lalloo, D. G., Owen, A., Jacobs, M., Walker, L., Lyon, R., Woods, C., Gibney, J., Chiong, J., Chandiwana, N., Jacob, S., Lamorde, M., Orrell, C., Pirmohamed, M., Khoo, S. & investigators, O. B. O. T. AGILE., 26/07/2021, In: Trials. 22, 1, 5 p., 487.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  4. Using serological measures to estimate influenza incidence in the presence of secular trends in exposure and immuno-modulation of antibody response

    Quandelacy, T. M., Cummings, D. A. T., Jiang, C. Q., Yang, B., Kwok, K. O., Dai, B., Shen, R., Read, J. M., Zhu, H., Guan, Y., Riley, S. & Lessler, J., 31/03/2021, In: Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses. 15, 2, p. 235-244 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  5. Genomic and drug target evaluation of 90 cardiovascular proteins in 30,931 individuals

    Folkersen, L., Gustafsson, S., Wang, Q., Hansen, D. H., Hedman, Å. K., Schork, A., Page, K., Zhernakova, D. V., Wu, Y., Peters, J., Eriksson, N., Bergen, S. E., Boutin, T. S., Bretherick, A. D., Enroth, S., Kalnapenkis, A., Gådin, J. R., Suur, B. E., Chen, Y., Matic, L., & 63 othersGale, J. D., Lee, J., Zhang, W., Quazi, A., Ala-Korpela, M., Choi, S. H., Claringbould, A., Danesh, J., Davey Smith, G., de Masi, F., Elmståhl, S., Engström, G., Fauman, E., Fernandez, C., Franke, L., Franks, P. W., Giedraitis, V., Haley, C., Hamsten, A., Ingason, A., Johansson, Å., Joshi, P. K., Lind, L., Lindgren, C. M., Lubitz, S., Palmer, T., Macdonald-Dunlop, E., Magnusson, M., Melander, O., Michaelsson, K., Morris, A. P., Mägi, R., Nagle, M. W., Nilsson, P. M., Nilsson, J., Orho-Melander, M., Polasek, O., Prins, B., Pålsson, E., Qi, T., Sjögren, M., Sundström, J., Surendran, P., Võsa, U., Werge, T., Wernersson, R., Westra, H-J., Yang, J., Zhernakova, A., Ärnlöv, J., Fu, J., Smith, J. G., Esko, T., Hayward, C., Gyllensten, U., Landen, M., Siegbahn, A., Wilson, J. F., Wallentin, L., Butterworth, A. S., Holmes, M. V., Ingelsson, E. & Mälarstig, A., 16/10/2020, In: Nature Metabolism. 2, 10, p. 1135-1148 14 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  6. Exposure to discrimination and subsequent changes in self-rated health: prospective evidence from the UK's Life Opportunities Survey

    Emerson, E., Milner, A., Aitken, Z., Vaughan, C., Llewellyn, G. & Kavanagh, A. M., 1/08/2020, In: Public Health. 185, p. 176-181 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  7. Dual liminality: A framework for conceptualizing the experience of adolescents and young adults with cancer

    Marshall, S., Grinyer, A. & Limmer, M., 4/02/2019, In: Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology. 8, 1, p. 26-31 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review