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Publications & Outputs

  1. Using big data to understand carbon recovery and habitat availability in the Amazon biome

    Smith, C. C., 2022, Lancaster University. 192 p.

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

  2. Inconsistent detection of extinction debts using different methods

    Ridding, Newton, A. C., Keith, S., Walls, R., Diaz, A., Bullock, J. & Pywell, R. F., 1/01/2021, In: Ecography. 44, 1, p. 33-43 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  3. Global correlates of terrestrial and marine coverage by protected areas on islands

    Mouillot, D., Velez, L., Maire, E., Masson, A., Hicks, C. C., Moloney, J. & Troussellier, M., 7/09/2020, In: Nature Communications. 11, 1, 12 p., 4438.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  4. Estimating habitat extent and carbon loss from an eroded northern blanket bog using UAV derived imagery and topography

    Scholefield, P., Morton, D., McShane, G., Carrasco, L., Whitfield, M. G., Rowland, C., Rose, R., Wood, C., Tebbs, E., Dodd, B. & Monteith, D., 1/04/2019, In: Progress in Physical Geography. 43, 2, p. 282-298 17 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  5. Clutch-size variation in Western Palaearctic secondary hole-nesting passerine birds in relation to nest box design

    Moller, A. P., Adriaensen, F., Artemyev, A., Banbura, J., Barba, E., Biard, C., Blondel, J., Bouslama, Z., Bouvier, J-C., Camprodon, J., Cecere, F., Chaine, A., Charmantier, A., Charter, M., Cichon, M., Cusimano, C., Czeszczewik, D., Doligez, B., Doutrelant, C., Dubiec, A., & 66 othersEens, M., Eeva, T., Faivre, B., Ferns, P. N., Forsman, J. T., Garcia-del-Rey, E., Goldshtein, A., Goodenough, A. E., Gosler, A. G., Gozdz, I., Gregoire, A., Gustafsson, L., Hartley, I. R., Heeb, P., Hinsley, S. A., Isenmann, P., Jacob, S., Jarvinen, A., Juskaitis, R., Kania, W., Korpimaki, E., Krams, I., Laaksonen, T., Leclercq, B., Lehikoinen, E., Loukola, O., Lundberg, A., Mainwaring, M. C., Mand, R., Massa, B., Mazgajski, T. D., Merino, S., Mitrus, C., Monkkonen, M., Morales-Fernaz, J., Moreno, J., Morin, X., Nager, R. G., Nilsson, J-A., Nilsson, S. G., Norte, A. C., Orell, M., Perret, P., Perrins, C. M., Pimentel, C. S., Pinxten, R., Priedniece, I., Quidoz, M-C., Remes, V., Richner, H., Robles, H., Russell, A., Rytkonen, S., Carlos Senar, J., Seppanen, J. T., da Silva, L. P., Slagsvold, T., Solonen, T., Sorace, A., Stenning, M. J., Toeroek, J., Tryjanowski, P., van Noordwijk, A. J., von Numers, M., Walankiewicz, W. & Lambrechts, M. M., 04/2014, In: Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 5, 4, p. 353-362 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review