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Dr Charlotte Smith

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

Charlotte’s research uses big data to assess land cover change in the Amazon. She is currently completing her PhD under the supervision of Jos Barlow and Paul Young at Lancaster University, John Healey at Bangor University, and Fernando Espirito-Santo at Leicester University. As an Envision DTP student, she is funded by the National Environmental Research Council (NERC).


Published works

  • Smith et al, 2021 | Old-growth forest loss and secondary forest recovery across Amazonian countries
  • Smith et al, 2020 | Secondary forests offset less than 10% of deforestation‐mediated carbon emissions in the Brazilian Amazon


She has been a contributing author on the following papers:

  • Elias et al, 2022 | Comparing contemporary and lifetime rates of carbon accumulation from secondary forests in the eastern Amazon
  • Berenguer et al, 2021 | Drivers and Ecological Impacts of Deforestation and Forest Degradation
  • Berenguer et al, 2021 | Tracking the impacts of El Niño drought and fire in human-modified Amazonian forests
  • Elias et al, 2019 | Assessing the growth and climate sensitivity of secondary forests in highly deforested Amazonian landscapes 







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